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PUSSANGA is inspired by a traditional recipe of Amazonian shamans from the Amazon region in Peru, using the aphrodisiac Pussanga plants!

Subtly sweet, distinctive, piquant with chili, ginger and cardamon, Pussanga is a natural blend of the pussanga plant with herbs and spices specially selected from all over the world, layered over a fruity pomegranate base.

A worldwide first!

Packaging: 500ml  

Alcohol strength: 33%

Pussanga Liqueur
Anna Famosa Liqueur
Anna Famosa.png
Gold Medal ISW
Best Aperitif 2023

Anna Famosa
Fine Liqueur 

Anna Famosa is a new aperitivo expressing the fine notes of precious Damascener roses, natural fruity peaches and subtle Italian bitter notes. 

Enjoyed pure on ice or in cocktails such as Famosa Spritz or Famosa Tonic, Anna Famosa reveals the Joie de Vivre, freedom and the culture of pleasure!

Awarded Gold Medal and Best Aperitif of the Year at the 2023 Meininger International Spirits Competition !

Packaging: 700ml  

Alcohol strength: 15%

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