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London Dry Gin

A true London Dry Gin, pot distilled in small batches.

14 botanicals, organically farmed, are macerated before distillation, including juniper berries and Nepeta Mussinii, better known as "Cat mint", bringing beautiful fragrance of orange peel, lavender, mint and violette in addition to providing  relaxation and soothing feelings well known to our cat friends!

A travel back to a pur London Dry Gin, Katzen Gin will please truly demanding and epicurean cat and Gin lovers!

Packaging: 500ml  

Alcohol strength: 44%

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KATZEN Distiller's Cut Gin
London Dry Gin

A London Dry Gin elaborated after maceration in 38% pure alcohol for 24 hours, of 15 botanicals, organically farmed, including muscatel sage and elderflower that bring soft floral notes.

This London Dry Gin of excellence, distilled in a small pot alambic, is revealing strong juniper aromas associated with coriander, lemongrass, elderflower and muscatel sage.

​A unique and exceptionally aromatic Gin!

Packaging: 500ml  

Alcohol strength: 48%

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