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Image by Paul Byrne
Image by Paul Byrne

Sales of Wines & Spirits

Wine producer since 2003 and distributor of more than 30 Châteaux and Domaines, VERTHÉMIS International is offering a complete selection of wines from France, most of them being certified HVE or Organic.

Dedicated primarily to servicing export markets, it is more than 450,000 bottles of wines that are exported every year by VERTHÉMIS all around the world. 

Thanks to its 1,000 sqm duty free warehouse, VERTHÉMIS is offering efficient, cost effective and fast logistic services.

VERTHÉMIS is also the exclusive distributor of the Tibet Single Malt - JIU HAI BU GAN, as well as a full range of Gin, Liqueurs and other exceptional spirits.

Contact us for receiving our entire portfolio of Wines & Spirits.

Discover our exclusive selection:

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