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International Expertise, Technical & Marketing Assistance for the Wine Industry

Technical and Marketing International Expertise
at the service of the Wine industry

VERTHÉMIS International provides consulting services for :

  • private businesses in the wine and spirits sector wishing to expand or diversify their production within Eastern Europe, Central Asia, China, and Mercosur;

  • International and bilateral organisations, as well as financial institutions, in charge of privatisation and/or restructuration programs of wine sectors;

  • local administrations and governments of countries within these regions responsible for the development of their wine sectors, establishment of Geographical indications (GIs), etc...

VERTHÉMIS International's range of action:

  • VERTHÉMIS International regularly works in countries located in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, China, and South America.

In addition to being active in these regions on behalf of private enterprises from around the world, as well as by local authorities, VERTHÉMIS International is a Wine Consultant for important international financial institutions such as  :
The World Bank Group (WB),
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO),
The Inter-American Bank (IAB)
The International Finance Corporation (IFC)
The Inter-American Investment Corporation

VERTHEMIS  International

Providing consulting services for the wine and Spirits industry

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